Anticipating the Sting

Once considered a form of strict punishment, spanking is another sexual taboo that has recently gone mainstream. Like many fetishes, spanking is a form of a power play that is both interwoven with BDSM and also has an identity and fan base of its own.

For those who embrace spanking as a staple of their foreplay, its pleasure is derived as much from the act itself as from the anticipation of the act. Prolonging the anticipation of the expected sting releases neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine and adrenaline that intensify the pleasurable sensations when the touch is finally delivered.

Danger Arousal

If you’re wondering just how taboo having sex in public places still is, just ask any group of sufficiently alcohol-inspired people where the most interesting place they’ve had sex has been. You may find your head start to spin.

From the roof of a house to the bathroom of an airplane in mid-flight, from an after-hours office romp to an empty subway car at midnight, sex in public, it seems, is literally everywhere. Public sex is generally considered to be a form of dangerous arousal, which is just another side of the coin of sexual arousal. And even though the “danger” element is mostly illusory in today’s jaded public streets, the rush doesn’t seem to have diminished with the peril.

A New Take on the World’s Oldest Profession

While you might associate the escort business almost exclusively with the female gender, according to surveys in the UK and the USA, the number of male escorts has tripled over the last five years. Women, it seems, have recently discovered what men have been saying for years: you don’t pay them for sex; you pay them to leave afterward.

Escort services, colloquially considered the world’s oldest profession, have been catching fire in recent years and are even legal now in many countries that used to sweep the streets for streetwalkers and throw them in jail. And as more and more women become busy professionals with blossoming careers, they too are finding that sometimes it’s hard to find the time to invest in a relationship. Fortunately for busy men and women alike, though, there is a thriving community of sex professionals to be found for those with more money than time to spare. What was once a sexual taboo of criminal proportions is now becoming just another day at the office.